The school is run by a non-profit organization with the aim of providing Ethical oriented quality education to the Poor Children. We have currently 12 classes, starting from Pre-School (LKG) to 10th Grade.
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Welcome to Thiruvalluvar Tamil School
Imparting ethical based quality education to our children’s through play way method using fine arts like music, dance, play and story telling to inculcate ethical values in their young minds.
Primary education is taught in their mother tongue ‘Tamil” to enhance their understanding ability and to assimilate their knowledge in a natural way.
English is taught in an effective way.
Special coaching is given to students after the class hours since their parents cannot help them in their study after the school.
Nutritious food is given in the evening after the school to all students to sustain their energy to concentrate on evening studies. Thanks to philanthropist to make this possible.
Tamil traditional arts like Karagam, Kummi, Kolattam are taught to the children.
Our school has “Thiruvalluvar Library” founded and maintained by Kalvi Foundation which is utilized by the children’s of Karaikal region.