The school is run by a non-profit organization with the aim of providing Ethical oriented quality education to the Poor Children. We have currently 12 classes, starting from Pre-School (LKG) to 10th Grade.
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Future Plans


Welcome to Thiruvalluvar Tamil School
Your contribution is highly valued and will be helpful to sustain the school. Any amount is not too small for us.

You can either donate any money to us or support one of these Projects

Project 1: Building Construction for the School
Phase 1: Building for the School to support Students up to 10th Grade
               Donation needed for Completion Phase I building, your valuable contribution will be more appreciated.

Project 2: Evening Coaching for Classes: 10th, 9th and 8th Grade Students
Students of this school donít have a suitable place to read in their home. Hence it is highly desirable to support them to continue in the school building after school, to do their home work, prepare for their final exam etc. Only 10th Grade Students are provided this support at present. To provide the same support for 8th and 9th grade student we need your valuable contribution.

Project 3: Salary for Teachers and other monthly maintenance:

This is one of our greatest challenges today. Correspondentís family provides the majority of the funds, with the support from other thankful donors to help this struggle of meeting the ends.

This limits our ability to provide beneficial offering to the students. Cost of running the School, staff salary (averaging $60 per month per staff) , administration cost etc. We request contrubutors to support for this event.

Mode of Donation :

Cheques :
You can send donation cheque in favour of "Thiruvalluvar Ethics Educational Service Trust" to

Thiruvalluvar Tamil High School,
French Teacher Street Extn,
Karaikal – 609 602.
Puducherry (U.T)