The school is run by a non-profit organization with the aim of providing Ethical oriented quality education to the Poor Children. We have currently 12 classes, starting from Pre-School (LKG) to 10th Grade.
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Welcome to Thiruvalluvar Tamil School
    We believe School is the great place to teach Ethics, when they are still young. Hence Ethics is taught, practiced and planted in the mind of young students, along with the education
    To enhance the student’s grasping and analytical power, education is provided in the beginning through Mother Tongue – Tamil. After having a sound base knowledge in Mother Tongue, English is taught in the effective way.
    Education is given completely free to make quality education available for the destitute Children and Children from families below Poverty line.  The Parents work as Porters, Sweepers, Scavengers, Maids, Coolies to get their food.