The school is run by a non-profit organization with the aim of providing Ethical oriented quality education to the Poor Children. We have currently 12 classes, starting from Pre-School (LKG) to 10th Grade.
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Future Plans


Welcome to Thiruvalluvar Tamil School
The proposed building of Thiruvalluvar Tamil High School is designed keeping in mind a well ventilated modern building in a healthy environment, withstanding any kind of natural calamities.

The said building is to house a well equipped library, laboratories, prayer hall, space for administrative section and a sanitation complex. The building process is planned into two phases:

In the first phase, it is proposed to construct the following room/hall on the ground floor and on the first floor.


1) 12 class rooms i.e for Kinder Garten and One for each class 1 to 10
2) Library Hall
3) Laboratory
4) Administrative Block
5) Prayer Hall
6) Computer Hall
7) Sports room

India Center of Charleston and The Citizens of Charleston West Virginia, USA have generously funded us US$ 48000.00 in the year of March 2007 through Rotary Club of Karaikal, RI District 2980 and Rotary Club of Williamson, WV 25661 RI District 7550 USA for the construction of 4 class rooms in ground floor. With their support only, we were able to shift our school from a rented building to our own building. Further they have magnanimously supported again for the construction of the first floor of our school by donating US$ 40423.00 in the year of May 2010. At present the construction of the class rooms of the first floor of our school is on the anvil.

The completion of the building process require more of finance, the trust has proposed to raise fund among philanthropic personalities and donor institutions.


Construction of second and third floor to accommodate one more section of all classes i.e LKG, UKG and 1st to 10th standard with an audio-visual hall.

The cost of common utility areas like corridor, staircase, lobby etc are calculated and evenly distributed over that of the classrooms.

A) To be on the safer side at time of natural calamities like monsoon floods, Tsunami etc, threatening the coastal region; the floor of the proposed building is set to be 5 feet above the adjacent road level.

B) The economic situations prevailing in India made to witness a tremendous change with hike in the prices of all the materials including those utilized in the construction like cement, steel, brick, sand etc., hence, the trust has revised the estimate keeping the current market prices as standard scale.

C) Being cost effective and durable “adanga marble” is found to be acceptable for being on the floor surface.